About Us

Born ten years ago but brought to life during the lockdowns of the pandemic, we wanted to bring BULLET to life.

Having our stores closed and no income and everyone saying we should “pivot” during Covid, we decided to bring BULLET to life after creating the brand some ten years earlier and doing nothing with it.

Having a purely online product and seeing the coffee capsule market growing, we wanted to bring a product to market that had “specialty coffee” at its heart!

So we purchased a coffee roastery during lockdown and got to work… The BULLET brand was a perfect fit for a POD/Capsule Company - the association with coffee is there for all to see: Coffee Hit, Double Shot etc. Even the pods look like BULLETs!

So with our long history in the coffee and cafe industry, BULLET Espresso was born.

We believe BULLET Espresso will be just the right “ammunition for your day!”

Cheers Shawn and Michelle

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